Perfect Father's Day Gift?

Dads Can Be Tough to Shop for

It’s hard to find a gift to the man who has everything.

It’s even harder to shop for the guy who needs all kinds of stuff.

What if you get Dad something you think is cool, but isn’t what he would pick?

All you really want to do is let the guy know that you love him.

Why waste your time and HIS gift money trying to guess?

Get Dad his heart’s desire but giving him a very special Father’s Day card, a colorful, thoughtful, hand-picked card that lets him get whatever he wants at Amazon.

Amazon has come up with a great gimmick. You can upload your own photo to put on Dad’s gift card.

If Dad can’t find something he would like on Amazon, the world’s largest online source of electronics, tools, books — you name it, Amazon’s got it — he may really be the man who has everything!

You can e-mail the card, print at home, or have Amazon send a printed version in a card or a box.

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too. Even after Dad uses up the Amazon credit, he can still keep a print of the photo card to remind him of his thoughtful kid.

Amazon offers a selection of four professional designs themed for Father’s Day.

Barbecue, ties, hammock, or argyle pattern, your choice. Tasteful, professional, and quick.

My advice: Take the time to upload your own photo.

I just tried the Amazon system to upload a photo to a gift card. It’s easy!

Just have the photo somewhere on your computer where you can find it. You can size the photo right on Amazon.

Some photo ideas for your dad’s Amazon Father’s Day gift card:

If Dad is a new father, consider a photo of the baby, possibly photoshopped to look more like him. A photo of his favorite fishing spot or favorite sport A picture of the whole family A photo of YOU! Whatever design or delivery method you use, Dad will get the gift he really wants.

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