Best Electronics

To find the best electronics I comparison shop.

Before I invest my hard-earned money, products go under the microscope.

Lots of choices, some junk, and a few real gems translate into a real chore if you are like me and HATE to make a shopping mistake. I once bought a lousy computer router that wasted two frustrating days and never worked for me.

Tip: Start with electronics best sellers, read the reviews, then find reasons NOT to buy.

Having a HUGE number of reviewers who report any glitches, gremlins, gotchas (and goodies) gives me the confidence that I’m getting the best electronics on the market.

Here is a list of Amazon best electronics sellers to get you started.

Top notch router lets you share your cable connection with devices all over your abode. Lag-free gaming and video streaming. Highly rated and a best seller.

Connects 4 USB devices. Inexpensive and a best seller.

Hero 4 is a GoPro camera that people who love to buy the best electronics love to buy. A best seller.

If you have a GoPro (see above) you will need a head strap. You could make your own out of a miner’s helmet and duct tape but at this price, why? Many found this GoPro accessory an irresistible best electronics buy.

If you are a bold adventurer, strap on your GoPro to capture your future exploits. Paranoid? Wear backward.

During a power outage you need light, information, and most important, a way to charge your smart phone. A minute of cranking charges this piece of gear with enough juice to power five minutes of radio, 30 minutes of flashlight, and five minutes of calling on your cell phone.┬áReviewers give high ratings to this bestselling emergency device. Don’t wait until the power goes out to order.

Frankly, when it comes to shopping electronic gear, or any product, most of the manufacturer’s technical specs go right over my head. But I can understand when an actual buyer says, “I love it!” and then tells me why.