Camping Mattresses and Electric Pumps

best camping air mattressA good camping mattress can make your next trip much comfortable.  

Camping is fun, dirty, uncomfortable, a lot of work, and fun.

Camping is a tradeoff between “roughing it” to see the wonders of nature, and the comfort of staying indoors.  But do you have to be completely miserable to enjoy nature?

Question: How can I spend less time working and being uncomfortable, more time having fun camping?

Get a good night’s sleep. 

Sleeping on the ground is uncomfortable.  Why be uncomfortable when you can take along a mattress that can compete with your home mattress?  And then, why spend your time and effort blowing up an air mattress?  Get an air mattress and a battery powered pump to fill it up with air.  

You can skimp on a lot when you go camping.  But, especially if you are older, don’t skimp on your sleeping comfort.