Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength

Strengthen cell signal

 Boost cell phone signal with your easy-to-use cell phone dash cradle.

Tired of dropped cell phone conversations?

The Wilson Electronics Sleek Cell Phone Signal Cradle Booster for All Cell Phones with Mini Magnet Mount Antenna – For Single User can be viewed in this video. Click to See Video

The cradle, she begs to hug your cell phone.

Go ahead and call with confidence

You have invested in a cell phone, possibly a high-end Apple i-phone.  Kind of dumb to go driving around hoping for a good signal and possibly dropping important sales and business calls.

Be professional, originate  calls from dreaded “dead spots,” and increase your data rates in areas with weak cell phone signal.

How it Works

The roof-mounted antenna receives the phone’s signal from the cell tower and sends it to the Sleek Cradle via cable.  The Sleek then boosts the signal with its built-in amplifier and transmits it to your cell phone. When you talk on your cell phone, the process is reversed, sending a boosted signal back to the cell tower.

The downside:  the phone has to be in the cradle at all times to get the boosted signal.  

That means you’ll want to buy a Bluetooth headset for hands-free conversations with boosted signal.

If you live in a state like California you risk a hefty fine if you use your phone while driving UNLESS you have a hands-free set-up.

With a hands-free cell you can look traffic cops right in the eye, smile, and converse with confidence!

Get the Sleek Cradle, stop dropping calls, and use your phone with confidence and comfort.

Do you live on the fringes of cell coverage in a rural area, or do you travel through the “boonies” that have an iffy cell signal?

The Sleek can make the difference between a functioning cell phone and a useless little box of electronic parts.

You may be surprised how little a one-time cost can boost the phone company signal you’re already paying for.

This deal is so good, we can’t share the price online.  Click and find out! 

While supplies last get yours today.


While you’re at it check out this  Wilson Electronics Home/Office Accessory Kit for the Wilson Sleek


Bargain E-Book Reader

Close-up[ photo of a Kindle screen

At this price, Amazon is really hoping you will buy a Kindle bargain e-book reader and buy e-books from them.

Rumor has it that Amazon loses money on every Kindle it sells, hoping to make it up in e-book sales.

Whether or not that’s true, you can’t deny the basic Kindle is a bargain.

But it’s better than that.

The Kindle bargain e-book reader keeps saving you money.

You can read e-books for a fraction of the cost of paper.

Yes, we all love paper books.  The feel, the smell, and the presence on the shelf.

Paper books will never go away.

But gee whiz!  The price of paper books can be extreme.

If you fall in love with a book, there’s nothing to stop you from getting it in paper.

E-books are greener, lighter, more portable,

and you can’t set your choice of print size on a paper book.  Sure you could get out a magnifying glass . . . but imagine the power to magnify at will!  A paper book can’t do that.

Could you be a book lover AND a Kindle lover?

Have you ever found yourself rationing the books you buy because of cost?

Get a Kindle and stop fretting about the cost of books.  Books are cheap (or free) on a Kindle.

The Kindle features are simple:

The all-new Kindle – Lighter, smaller, faster
  • 30% lighter, less than 6 ounces
  • 18% smaller body, same 6″ screen size – fits in your pocket
  • Most advanced E Ink display, reads like paper
  • Built in Wi-Fi – get books in 60 seconds
  • Massive book selection, over 800,000 titles are $9.99 or less
  • Borrow Kindle books from your public library

Don’t take our word for it, read the customer reviews.

Cons — with the basic Kindle you will need a charger power adapter.  

Less expensive ones are available, or get the high-quality Kindle power adapter.  Make sure you add an adapter to your order.

The Kindle and an adapter.  Add a nice cover.

Still cheaper than a box of paper books. 🙂

Don’t wait for Amazon to regain its senses and the Kindle price to go up.

Stop waiting and start reading!



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