100 Guitar Riffs

photo of an electric acoustic guitar by TakamineCan you close your eyes and name every one of these classic guitar riffs?

Here are 100 guitar riffs from the rock songs you know, played by the amazing Alex from Chicago Music Exchange.

Play guitar and love rock? Required!

Just love Rock? Play the game Recognize the Riff with your friends.

Here’s how the game is played. People do not look at the screen and shout out the song name as soon as they recognize the riff. You will quickly separate the posers from the potentials. It’s not that easy to think in music and in English at the same time. Those who excel at Recognize the Riff may be potential singers or idiot savants.

If you can recognize every riff, then you really do love rock and roll! (and have a memory for music).

Don’t feel bad if you miss some, especially the very short pieces.

If you don’t get any, well, welcome to the amazing world of rock guitar!

If you play guitar, this video shows you how these riffs are done.

It’s pretty overwhelming to try and follow – You Tube needs to install a “repeat of segment” setting like some of the video players have. But if you are committed, and if you have chosen the guitar as an instrument you had better be, all the secrets are there.

Pretty nice gift from the Chicago Music Exchange if you ask me. If you need a new guitar or other gear, you might remember how cool these guys are. (no affiliation, no compensation, no expectation of one, just know cool when I see it ®).

The video is followed by a gear sales pitch from the Chicago Music Exchange by Daniel, who happens to be very entertaining.

Daniel’s first words about those who lack skills because they don’t do the work is a humorous reminder that musical ability may be a gift, but musical competence comes from persistent work.

I can’t vouch for the Saund Fraud pedal Daniel is promoting, since I haven’t tried it, but it sounds totally bitchin to me.

Caveat: Daniel appears to intentionally play better when the Saund Fraud pedal is hooked up. Of course, if you play you can hear that. I feel Daniel may be hiding skills in this presentation until the product is plugged in! What a rascal. Hey, if it sells product keeps these guys in business, so be it.

Most instruments are purchased by people who never get good because they don’t work. This is a call back to Daniel’s first words.

Now prepare yourself and your friends to play Recognize the Riff and start the video.


Need some inspiration? Purchase one of these books about which I know nothing, or find a better book of guitar riffs on Amazon.


Bonus: 100 drum riffs!

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Native Costume





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Bonus Review!

This costume seems pretty bitchin.