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Neodymium Magnets

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Neodymium magnet in a copper pipe video

Drop a neodymium magnet through a copper pipe and it slows down.

What is going on here?

When the powerful neodymium magnet travels through this heavy copper pipe it slows down as though the force of gravity has been reduced.

Is this an example of anti-gravity?

Perhaps the neodymium magnet is slowed by magnetic attraction to the copper pipe?

No, the magnet is not attracted to copper.  We can see that in the first few moments of the video.

If it were a steel pipe, the neodymium magnet would immediately stick to the pipe.

So if it’s not magnetic attraction, what is going on?  Magnetism is apparently involved but how?

What’s your hypothesis?

If you would like to conduct your own experiments or demonstrations, cheap neodymium magnets are available.

You can buy one of these amazing neodymium magnets on Amazon by clicking on the photo below.

  • Neodymium Iron Boron (NDFeB) Rare Earth Magnets
  • Super Powerful Neodymium Magnets, many times stronger than ceramic or iron magnets
  • Pull Force is 91 lbs, strong enough to require extreme care
  • Highest performance, Low Price
  • Size: 1″ diameter x 1″ thick
  • Quantity: package includes two magnets

Neodymium is a “rare earth.”  Rare earth magnets are extremely powerful and useful for electronics applications.

Imagine tying a disk like the ones below to a string?  You could pick up one-pound metal objects “fishing” down a non-magnetic pipe.  What happens when you put them on a wooden dowel?  A copper dowel or heavy wire?  I have no idea!

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet Rings

  • 3/8″ Outer Diameter, 1/8 ” Inner Diameter, 1/16″ Thick
  • Pack of 12
  • 1.2 pounds of pull perpendicular to a flat, ideal holding surface.

Any theories on why a neodymium magnet would slow down as it falls through a copper pipe?

Would the same thing happen with an aluminum pipe?

What if the pipe had thinner walls?  Please share your scientific theories or whether you share my conviction that magnets are magic!

Here are some fascinating science gifs

Answer: Eddy currents

How to Convert VHS to DVD

convert vhs tapes

Convert VHS to DVD?  Why?

If you were alive in the 1990s and the early 2000s, chances are you took some VHS videos.  You know VHS tapes, the kind you used to be able to rent in video stores.

Ah, memories captured forever on VHS tape.

Wrong!   Those memories about as safe as . . . anybody remember 8-track tape? That’s right, the VHS player is going out of style. Magnetic tape?  For permanent memories?  On a planet with a magnetic field?  Ha ha ha, that’s a good one.

Here’s a kit to convert VHS to DVD.

To convert VHS to DVD you are going to need a VHS player or a camcorder that plays VHS tapes. I would suggest that you take good care of your VHS player if you haven’t yet converted your VHS tapes. Have you shopped for 8-track tape players lately?  That’s right.  Maybe if you got lucky at a garage sale.  VHS is going the same way that 8-track tape did.  The way of the dinosaurs.

So carefully locate your VHS player or camcorder.

Then perform these steps:

  • Install the Honestech VHS to DVD software on your computer.
  • Hook up your VCR (or camcorder) to the conversion box.
  • Connect the VHS to DVD conversion box to your computer via a USB port.
You play your VHS tapes back in real time (yes, it takes a little patience).

Keep in mind that you are saving your video memories from being trapped on 1990s technology.

What’s that worth?  Check the price.

Do you still have VHS tapes lying around?  Do you have a plan to keep your video memories alive?  Please comment!

Cheap Headphones

photo of headphones

 “Cheap Headphones” sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

The headline really should read “Great Headphones at Sale Prices.”

“Cheap” has come to mean “crummy” instead of “inexpensive.”

Well, it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

By cheap headphones I mean, “The same great headphones but at a better price.”

Cheap yes, but that doesn’t mean these headphones aren’t top of the line, state of the art electronics.

Of course, a cheap price isn’t enough if you’re a dyed in the wool audiophile or just enjoy hearing crisp, high fidelity sound.

You want excellent sound quality for your money.

Headphones on sale at Amazon could be your chance to get more quality for less money.

Headphones really are a chance to get the kind of sound that speakers simply can’t duplicate, certainly not for the same investment.

Because headphones offer stereophonic sound from sources near your ear, you can get incredible power and clarity that would cost a fortune if you tried to duplicate it with speakers.  And because speaker placement is no longer an issue, you can sit wherever you want.

Fussy neighbors, roommate or baby? They won’t hear a thing

Using cheap headphones or wildly expensive ones is one of the most considerate gifts a listener can bestow on those around them.  Here’s the truth:  Headphones are as much for your companions as they are for you.  Listen at concert hall volume in your own little world, leaving the world around you in peace.

Listen late at night.

Listen to programming others don’t want to hear.

Listen at any volume you like.

OK You want some great headphones at a great price.

I can point you in the general direction of savings, but I can’t shop for you.  

Why?  There are too many options:

In Ear

On Ear

Or classic Over the Ear, like these

So take a look at the kind of cheap headphones you want and read the reviews.  

Audiophiles are fussy, they will tell you every little thing that’s not absolutely perfect about the sound or the features.

Where to start?

Amazon offers some ideas for the best headphone deals

Here are some headphones I bought for a loved one. They are pretty cheap and come in a rainbow of colors.

The next step is yours!  I hope you find a great deal and a great pair of cheap headphones!