Failures in Electronics

I just saw this video about failures in electronics.

Your attitude toward failures in electronics may reflect a general attitude toward failure.

There is a line in this video that goes against what most of us have been taught:  “Celebrate failures because you will make a lot of them.”

The author of this video is not afraid of failure, is prepared for failure, knows how to deal with failure, embraces and celebrates failure.

She takes stuff apart and often that is not the plan of the manufacturer.  

Ever try and unscrew those red painted screws inside electronic devices? You can do it but these screws are manufactured to fail. The red screws are made out of cheap pot metal. So when you try and take apart a device with red screws, you are tempting fate and asking for failure.  Did you stop trying to unscrew those red screws?  I did.

Risking failure?  Even seeking out failure?

Speaking only for myself, I avoid failure.  I hate it.  I take it personally.  I spend a great deal of time anticipating and avoiding problems.

Are you like that?  It can be debilitating.  Sure you don’t fail much, but how many things don’t you even try?

But what if I were a different kind of person?  Like the author of this video.

What if I could look forward to failure?  How much more could I learn?

Listen carefully to this engineer/tinkerer who tells us how to proceed in her style.

The name of this video is 

Secret to Learning Electronics – Fail and Fail Often



What is your attitude toward failure?  Can you imagine becoming comfortable with failure?

Bargain E-Book Reader

Close-up[ photo of a Kindle screen

At this price, Amazon is really hoping you will buy a Kindle bargain e-book reader and buy e-books from them.

Rumor has it that Amazon loses money on every Kindle it sells, hoping to make it up in e-book sales.

Whether or not that’s true, you can’t deny the basic Kindle is a bargain.

But it’s better than that.

The Kindle bargain e-book reader keeps saving you money.

You can read e-books for a fraction of the cost of paper.

Yes, we all love paper books.  The feel, the smell, and the presence on the shelf.

Paper books will never go away.

But gee whiz!  The price of paper books can be extreme.

If you fall in love with a book, there’s nothing to stop you from getting it in paper.

E-books are greener, lighter, more portable,

and you can’t set your choice of print size on a paper book.  Sure you could get out a magnifying glass . . . but imagine the power to magnify at will!  A paper book can’t do that.

Could you be a book lover AND a Kindle lover?

Have you ever found yourself rationing the books you buy because of cost?

Get a Kindle and stop fretting about the cost of books.  Books are cheap (or free) on a Kindle.

The Kindle features are simple:

The all-new Kindle – Lighter, smaller, faster
  • 30% lighter, less than 6 ounces
  • 18% smaller body, same 6″ screen size – fits in your pocket
  • Most advanced E Ink display, reads like paper
  • Built in Wi-Fi – get books in 60 seconds
  • Massive book selection, over 800,000 titles are $9.99 or less
  • Borrow Kindle books from your public library

Don’t take our word for it, read the customer reviews.

Cons — with the basic Kindle you will need a charger power adapter.  

Less expensive ones are available, or get the high-quality Kindle power adapter.  Make sure you add an adapter to your order.

The Kindle and an adapter.  Add a nice cover.

Still cheaper than a box of paper books. 🙂

Don’t wait for Amazon to regain its senses and the Kindle price to go up.

Stop waiting and start reading!