Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter for All Phones

Corky on TVYou’ve already invested in devices capable of storing music, books on tape, and talking live with your friends. Why rely on your car radio?

Kind of old fashioned, no?

Making the most of your devices, a wireless in-car Bluetooth transmitter let’s to call hands-free, which in many states is the ONLY LEGAL way to use a cell phone in a moving car.

This product is an FM transmitter that connects to your Smart Phone via bluetooth, and then transmits the audio to your car stereo through an FM signal. Just the same as other FM transmitters, you know, radio stations, but uses a bluetooth connection to your phone.

Well rated by Amazon users, the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 goes well beyond the basics, offering device charging and music control to hands-free calling.


You sync the GOgroove Flexsmart X2 to your Bluetooth device in seconds and enjoy a wireless music listening experience.

Make and Receive Calls on your Phone Hands-Free while driving – Equipped with Bluetooth Technology, it’s easy to use your phone while driving.

The GOgroove Flexsmart X2 is a Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Hands-Free Calling on ANDROID, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Smartphones.

  • A Bluetooth Transmitter Allows Hands-Free Calling

  • Use a cell phone in a moving car and you are risking a ticket with a hefty fine.

  • You see many drivers with a cell phone pressed to their ear. Studies have shown that this is as dangerous as driving drunk.

This dangerous habit can be avoided with the GOgroove FlexSMART X2 Mini Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit with Hands-Free Calling , USB Charging & Music Controls – Works with Apple iPhone 6 , LG G3 , HTC One E8 , Motorola Droid Turbo , Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and More Smartphones

Or consider the positive reviews of the X5. The goal is to make the most of your electronics with one additional piece of equipment.

Boost your cell phone and data signal strength. You have invested in a cell phone, possibly a high-end Apple i-phone. Kind of dumb to go driving around hoping for a good signal and possibly dropping important sales and business calls.

Be professional, originate calls from dreaded “dead spots,” and increase your data rates in areas with weak cell phone signal.

Bluetooth Explained on Wikipedia


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