Perfect Father’s Day Gift?

Father's Day DadDads Can Be Tough to Shop for

It’s hard to find a gift to the man who has everything.

It’s even harder to shop for the guy who needs all kinds of stuff.

What if you get Dad something you think is cool, but isn’t what he would pick?

All you really want to do is let the guy know that you love him.

Why waste your time and HIS gift money trying to guess?

Get Dad his heart’s desire but giving him a very special Father’s Day card, a colorful, thoughtful, hand-picked card that lets him get whatever he wants at Amazon.

Amazon has come up with a great gimmick.  You can upload your own photo to put on Dad’s gift card.

If Dad can’t find something he would like on Amazon, the world’s largest online source of electronics, tools, books — you name it, Amazon’s got it —  he may really be the man who has everything!

You can e-mail the card, print at home, or have Amazon send a printed version in a card or a box.

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too. Even after Dad uses up the Amazon credit, he can still keep a print of the photo card to remind him of his thoughtful kid.

Amazon offers a selection of  four professional designs themed for Father’s Day.

Barbecue, ties, hammock, or argyle pattern, your choice.  Tasteful, professional, and quick.

My advice:  Take the time to upload your own photo.

I just tried the Amazon system to upload a photo to a gift card.  It’s easy!

Just have the photo somewhere on your computer where you can find it.  You can size the photo right on Amazon.

Some photo ideas for your dad’s Amazon Father’s Day gift card:

  • If Dad is a new father, consider a photo of the baby, possibly photoshopped to look more like him!

Dog 2

  • A photo of his favorite fishing spot or favorite sport
  • A picture of the whole family
  • A photo of YOU!

Whatever design or delivery method you use, Dad will get the gift he really wants.

Because he will buy it on Amazon!

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Best Blu-ray Player

best blu-ray player

If you are using old TV technology you may want to upgrade to the best Blu-ray player for your home entertainment dollar.

I recently received a low-end Blu-ray player as a premium. I wanted to run NetFlix on the device from my wireless computer network.  It turned out the dumb thing needed a chip to pick up a signal!

I decided to do some Blu-ray player product research, which I’m passing along to you here.

Not all Blu-ray players are created equal.  Some, as I found out, can’t play NetFlix unless you buy added accessories.  I want my Blue-ray player to detect my wireless network right out of the box. But I also wanted to find the best Blu-ray player.

I look at customer reviews for guidance.

How often do you see a product with an AVERAGE score of 5 Stars, with more than 200 reviews?

That’s when I start to get the message a product really might be the best.

When customers are so satisfied that they celebrate in public, it’s a major clue for the buyer.


Looking for the best Blu-ray player?

Check out these features:

  • Universal Blu-ray disc player provides playback for a myriad of video formats on disc or eSATA/USB drives
  • Dual HDMI 1.4 outputs for multiple displays or separate, dedicated video/audio connections
  • Supports Blu-ray 3D specifications (3D television and glasses required)
  • Decoding and individual 7.1-channel output for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Yes!  You can stream movies from Netflix or Blockbuster via your wireless network

Check out the reviews on this device.

 OPPO BDP-93 Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

And it’s not just customers who like it.

(December 2011) Winner: PCMag Readers’ Choice Awards Best Blu-ray Player

“Apple doesn’t make Blu-ray players, but if it did, we have a feeling that OPPO Digital would still beat it in customer satisfaction. The small Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of Blu-ray disc players earns a Readers’ Choice award, having received the highest satisfaction scores of any company in all of our satisfaction surveys this year. Respondents rated overall satisfaction at 9.5 on a scale of 0 (worst) to 10 (best). That was actually the lowest of its major ratings: Overall reliability was a 9.7 and likelihood to recommend was 9.6. For comparison, the highest rated products in 2011 to date were Apple’s desktops and notebooks which rated 9.2 for overall satisfaction.

OPPO currently only has two products on the market, the $499 BDP-93 and the $999 BDP-95. In addition to being designed to meet the demands of audiophiles and videophiles, both provide access to a diverse selection of content including Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray 3D, as well as a variety of streaming sources, including Netflix, Blockbuster, VUDU, YouTube, Pandora, and more.“” —

Take a look at the BPD-93 Blu-ray player from the back

back of Best blu-ray player




News Flash! Upgrade! OPPO BDP-103 is here!

 Alternative: Use Fire Stick to stream computer content to your TV

If you rely on your computer for most of your viewing content, you may not want a DVD player but instead, a “streaming stick” a MUST HAVE add-on to your TV’s HDMI port.

Amazon does a great job of explaining how Fire Stick works. Don’t forget to take a look at the reviews.

Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength

Strengthen cell signal

 Boost cell phone signal with your easy-to-use cell phone dash cradle.

Tired of dropped cell phone conversations?

The Wilson Electronics Sleek Cell Phone Signal Cradle Booster for All Cell Phones with Mini Magnet Mount Antenna – For Single User can be viewed in this video. Click to See Video

The cradle, she begs to hug your cell phone.

Go ahead and call with confidence

You have invested in a cell phone, possibly a high-end Apple i-phone.  Kind of dumb to go driving around hoping for a good signal and possibly dropping important sales and business calls.

Be professional, originate  calls from dreaded “dead spots,” and increase your data rates in areas with weak cell phone signal.

How it Works

The roof-mounted antenna receives the phone’s signal from the cell tower and sends it to the Sleek Cradle via cable.  The Sleek then boosts the signal with its built-in amplifier and transmits it to your cell phone. When you talk on your cell phone, the process is reversed, sending a boosted signal back to the cell tower.

The downside:  the phone has to be in the cradle at all times to get the boosted signal.  

That means you’ll want to buy a Bluetooth headset for hands-free conversations with boosted signal.

If you live in a state like California you risk a hefty fine if you use your phone while driving UNLESS you have a hands-free set-up.

With a hands-free cell you can look traffic cops right in the eye, smile, and converse with confidence!

Get the Sleek Cradle, stop dropping calls, and use your phone with confidence and comfort.

Do you live on the fringes of cell coverage in a rural area, or do you travel through the “boonies” that have an iffy cell signal?

The Sleek can make the difference between a functioning cell phone and a useless little box of electronic parts.

You may be surprised how little a one-time cost can boost the phone company signal you’re already paying for.

This deal is so good, we can’t share the price online.  Click and find out! 

While supplies last get yours today.


While you’re at it check out this  Wilson Electronics Home/Office Accessory Kit for the Wilson Sleek